SPEED Dry Eye Questionnaire

SPEED Dry Eye Questionnaire It is helpful to ask patients about the severity of their dry eye symptoms and how they are responding to treatment. You can get a general sense by asking

Review of Ziena Nereus moisture chamber glasses

I chose the model Nereus from Ziena because it seems the best looking of moisture chamber glasses available online. The soft silicon flange that creates the "chamber" works beautifully and is very soft and

Moisture chamber glasses

Moisture chamber glasses are an old and often overlooked idea for relief in moderate to severe dry eye. They are mentioned in the DEWS report as being an evidence based treatment strategy. So I

Computer tips for Dry Eyes

If you work in a regular office, you've probably had the Occupational Health and Safety people through the office. They will have told you that the best thing to do is to put the computer

Coping with Dry Eyes in the office

The office presents challenges for people with dry eyes. Long hours, computer screens and air-conditioning can take their toll. Here are some ideas to improve your eyes. The first thing to realise is that there

Which is the best artificial tear drop for Dry Eye

Let's talk about the confusion. Whenever you go into a pharmacy and look on the shelves there's literally dozens and dozens of different dry eye drops. They all have very attractive packaging; they've all got

Treatments for Dry Eye

This is an overview of the treatments that you can do to improve your dry eye. The first thing to really figure out these the underlying cause of you dry are. The term dry eye