The office presents challenges for people with dry eyes. Long hours, computer screens and air-conditioning can take their toll. Here are some ideas to improve your eyes.

The first thing to realise is that there are times when you don’t need to have your eyes open. One of those times is when you’re on the phone. Close your eyes when you’re talking to someone on the phone and be conscious of giving them a blink.

Now you can’t change the building air-conditioning but you can change the micro-climate in the area where you work. You just need to check that you’re not in a position where the air is actually wafting across the front of your eyes causing your tears to evaporate. I’ve had clients who’ve managed to reposition the angle of the air conditioning vents so that it’s not actually blowing across your eyes, causing dehydration and causing discomfort.

In an ideal world you’d have quite a humid office. Now, it’s not practical to have drips of water running down the window. However, humidity will vastly increase your comfort. Here’s a quick way of doing it. Surround yourself with leafy plants that will give off moisture into the air.

You also want to have your favourite drops and sprays within easy reach. If your eyes do start to get a little bit dry you can just reach over and give your eyes a quick spray or pop a few drops in. 

Finally, it’s important to keep hydrated. Part of the office culture is drinking coffee but it is dehydrating so you need to make an effort to drink more water. That way you’ll stay hydrated and your eyes will stay as moist as they possibly can.

In summary, close your eyes when talking on the phone, reposition air vents, have leafy pot plants around, drink plenty of water and keep your drops and sprays within easy reach.