Where can I find a Dry Eye Specialist?

perth dry eye specialist

All eye care practitioners can diagnose dry eye and will have a treatment regime that they recommend. However, not all have a special interest in dry eye.

When calling to make an appointment to have a dry eye assessment it is worth asking if the practitioner is a dry eye specialist. You could ask what their dry eye assessment involves. What specialised equipment do they have for treating dry eyes? If they don’t specialise in dry eye themselves they may be happy to recommend you to someone who does.

We often see people who have seen up to 6 or 7 eye care practitioners and are often quite desperate by the time they see us. They will have often used a myriad of different artificial tear drops and may have had a course of steroid eye drops. They also will usually be using some kind of eyelid cleanser. Those are all good things but may not be enough to treat their condition. Quite often they will respond really well to having something as simple as meibomian gland expression or a course of IPL. Other cases may need a multiple pronged treatment plan and it may take some time to get them on track.

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations. Also be sure to find someone who you feel comfortable with and that you can communicate with. Dry eye tends to be a chronic long term problem so you could be with this practitioner for a long time! You need to be sure that you feel that you are in the best possible hands.

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