Eye Lid Cleaning

If you have been diagnosed with anterior blepharitis then regular lid cleansing is essential. Having said that, cleaning lids on a daily basis is beneficial to anyone as regular removal of dry skin from around the lids, excessive amounts of secretions that have solidified around the base of the lashes and reducing the bacterial load is always going to be the healthy option. There are a number of great products on the market and it’s just a matter of deciding which one works best for you.

Products we recommend include Ocusoft Plus or Sterilid. If you are in the USA you can use Avenova or Cliradex. Some practitioners recommend using dilute baby shampoo as it is a “no-tears” formula. It is something that we don’t recommend. The main drawback is that it isn’t antibacterial and can be quite drying on your skin.

Don’t be over-zealous! I have seen people who have made their eyes quite sore by over enthusiastic use of eye cleansing products. If your eyes feel irritated then stop. You may need to change which product you use, use it less frequently or discuss other options with your eye care practitioner.

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