I chose the model Nereus from Ziena because it seems the best looking of moisture chamber glasses available online.

The soft silicon flange that creates the “chamber” works beautifully and is very soft and comfortable when it touches the skin. The silicon flange attaches very elegantly to the frame with magnets making it very easy to remove, clean and eventually replace.

I repeated my moisture chamber google test that I did last week with swimming goggles. This time I wore the goggles for 20 minutes to give time for the humidity to build up around my eyes. I am happy to report that my tear break up time increased from 7 seconds to 14 seconds. Just to put this in context: severe dry eye would be 2-3 seconds, moderate 5 seconds and normal would be 10 to 15 seconds. I also asked one of my patients to test them out. Her tear break up time went from 4 seconds to 9. She found them comfortable to wear and is thinking about buying a pair.

moisture chamber glasses

So the glasses were a resounding success? Well no. For me the fit was really poor and after 20 mins the frames felt quite uncomfortable on my nose. The frames are a little heavier than most because of the silicon flange so they need to rest very well around the nose. Although there are no measurements specified on the frame the eye size is 52 mm and the bridge is 14 mm as measured on datum.

So the bottom lines is that aesthetically the frames look pretty good and they are deep enough to take a multifocal or bifocal lens, but the frame is quite heavy so it needs to fit really well across the bridge in order to be comfortable. They only way you are going to know if they work is if you try them on. I would love to see more frame designs in a variety of sizes.

Overall they are a brilliant idea. Who would have thought that a pair of glasses could double the tear break up time putting a significant number of dry eye patients back into the normal range?